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马克吐温的畅销小说《卡拉维拉斯县的跳蛙》令卡拉维拉斯县闻名于世。卡拉维拉斯县坐落在内华达山脉,是著名的淘金热地区,目前仍然散发着19世纪的魅力,1856年以来便开始营业的Murphy’s Historic酒店便是著名景点之一。而马克吐温,只是造访该地区的诸多名人中的一员。 请访问 →
Calaveras County
西哈, 梅洛

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6th Annual Murphys Witch Walk

Murphys Main Street, Murphys

The 6th Annual Murphys Witch Walk, Calaveras County’s #1 costumed oenophile festival, returns on Saturday October 15, 20222, from Noon to 8 pm

Cost: FREE

Address & Location:
Murphys Main Street, Murphys Main Street, Murphys, CA

Phone: (209) 736-7955



Details: With over 24 tasting rooms within walking distance along the Main Street, the Murphys Witch Walk has grown to attract thousands of costumed oenophile revelers to Murphys to explore, shop, dine, enjoy, and learn about this inimitable historic Motherlode town coined the ‘Queen of the Sierra.’ Murphys looks like a Deadwood, Silverado, and Wyatt Earp movie set combined with the relaxed and casual atmosphere and elegance of early 1970’s Sonoma and Napa. For a fun and festive themed party with friends and strangers, Murphys naturally becomes the perfect Gothic-ish “all the world’s a stage where everyone’s a star” backdrop.