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Madera County

马德拉一词在西班牙文中指木材,而木材也是该地区的首要产业。然而,使马德拉县享誉盛名的却是黄金。自1849年起,采矿业在该地区兴起并一直持续到20世纪。如今,肥沃的农田成为该地区最宝贵的资源,主要盛产杏仁、无花果、棉花、番茄,当然也包括葡萄酒。 请访问 →
Madera County wineries

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Events in Madera County

Madera Wine Trail’s California Wine Month Celebration

Thursday, January 1

Toca Madera Winery, Madera

Celebrate California Wine Month with Madera County wineries and the best local restaurants and caterers!

Cost: $25-35

Address & Location:
Toca Madera Winery, 36140 Avenue 9, Madera, CA

Phone: (800) 613-0709



Details: In honor of the statewide celebration of California Wine Month, guests of the public, media, wine, food and travel industries are invited to visit Toca Madera Winery in Madera to enjoy wine tasting from local wineries, appetizers provided by fine local restaurants, caterers and live music. The Madera Vintners Association also honors and awards partners and associates who have influenced the local wine industry as well as recognizes recipients of the 2019 MVA Student Grants for Fresno State students.