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圣巴巴拉县是一直受电影明星们青睐的世外桃源,从查理· 卓别林到简· 拉塞尔,从尼克·诺特到奥普拉·温弗瑞。同时它也是一个著名的葡萄酒产地,2004年,电影《杯酒人生》使黑皮诺葡萄酒名声大噪,也使得圣巴巴拉县久负盛名。 请访问 →

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Events in Santa Barbara County

Build Your Own Cheese Board & Wine Pairing

Tuesday, September 22

Carhartt Vineyard, Solvang

Carhartt Vineyard will teach you how to make a beautiful charcuterie spread and the fundamentals of food and wine pairing. Join us!

Cost: Free (bottle purchase required for full experience)

Address & Location:
Carhartt Vineyard, 1541 Rancho Santa Ynez Rd, Solvang, CA

Phone: (805) 686-5107



Details: Come join Carhartt Vineyard and John Moore, one of our awesome Rascals, for a virtual 1-hour session as we go step-by-step in building an awesome charcuterie spread. After we build our boards, Chase Carhartt will walk you through the fundamentals of food and wine pairing, taste through the two selected wines (will be available for purchase on our website), and discuss how each pair with the flavors of your cheeseboard. List of recommended items to follow.